System Design Problem List

Here are the system design problems I collected on the internet and each will be discussed in different posts.


1. Designing a URL Shortening service like TinyURL
2. Designing Pastebin
3. Designing Instagram
4. Designing Dropbox
5. Designing Facebook Messenger
6. Designing Twitter
7. Designing Youtube or Netflix
8. Designing Typeahead Suggestion
9. Designing an API Rate Limiter
10. Designing Twitter Search
11. Designing a Web Crawler
12. Designing Facebook’s Newsfeed
13. Designing Yelp or Nearby Friends
14. Designing Uber backend
15. Design BookMyShow
16. How To Design Google Docs
17. How to Design a Trending Algorithm for Twitter
18. Design a Cache System
19. Design a Recommendation System
20. Random ID Generator
21. Design a Key-Value Store
22. Design a Garbage Collection System
23. Design eCommerce Website
24. Dropbox Interview – Design Hit Counter
25. How to Design Youtube
26. Design Facebook timeline
27. Design a search engine
28. Design a graph search function
29. Design a CDN network
30. Design a function to return the top k requests during the past time interval
31. Design a chat app like WhatsApp
32. Design an online multiplayer card game



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