Inspired Review

Inspired by Marty Cagan References: How to create great tech products? Great culture Obsess with Customers Have a product mindset: Passionate about solving the problem Have an inspiring product vision Rapid prototyping 2. Great people We need teams of missionaries, not mercenaries. — John Doerr Have strong ownership Aligned on objectives Focus on … Continue reading Inspired Review

12 Rules for Life Summary

Jordan B. Peterson: 12 Rules for Life  You must accept responsibility for your own life.   "Rule 1: Stand Up Straight with Your Shoulders Back” When you awaken to your awesome power to destroy and oppress others – and not to remain a helpless victim – you will be less afraid. Price’s law teaches another, more optimistic lesson: When … Continue reading 12 Rules for Life Summary

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Summary

The seven habits of highly effective people are: They take initiative. “Be proactive.” They focus on goals. “Begin with the end in mind.” They set priorities. “Put first things first.” They only win when others win. “Think win/win.” They communicate. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” They cooperate. “Synergize.” They reflect on and repair … Continue reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Summary

《格局》 笔记

吴军   《格局》 笔记,   读了 格局 这本书,明白有时候 我们需要态度attitude, 也需要格局 altitude. 目光短浅,只看眼前得失,格局不够。格局的大小决定成就的顶点。 再好的人,如果舍不得分享利益,周围的人最终也会离他而去。 不认命才是迷信!所谓不认命,就是认为世界上所有事情自己都能控制,这是一种妄念,是对自己的迷信。事实上,不确定性是我们这个世界固有的特征,世界上有很多我们自己甚至整个人类都无法控制的力量。承认这一点,才是唯物主义的态度。人贵在自知,知道自己的长处,知道自己能力的边界,在这个边界内最大化自己的收益,这是一种积极的人生态度。至于结果是好是坏,不妨泰然处之。尽人事,听天命。承认天命的作用,我们在做人时就不会恃才傲物。但凡觉得自己了不起的人,通常都没有见过真正聪明能干的人,人只有到了人才荟萃的地方,才能体会到自己水平上的不足。 积极主动去行动。韧性优于力量。 成就的多少至少取决于三个因素:做事情的速度或做事情的数量,每一件事情的影响力,以及做事的成功率”。 格局大的人追求的是重复的成功和可叠加式的进步,格局小的人满足于自己做某件事做得快,做的漂亮。 有黏性的人都有一个特点,就是自己的本事随着工作时间的增长而增长,他们的经验是不断叠加的,而不是简单重复的。他们一旦离开某家企业或机构,企业或机构的损失就会很大,因为它们对已经对他们产生了依赖,这就是个人的黏性。因此,与其预测将来哪个行业吃香,不如增加自己的黏性。 以正合,以奇胜。正是常态,奇是非常态。守正出奇作者理解为要把常态的事情做好,再去把控非常态的事情才能制胜。而不是把非常态的“奇兵”作为自己制胜的法宝。有人文作者,做好数学的秘诀,作者说“以正合,以奇胜”,就是把自己会做的、该得的分全部得到,自己平时做不出来的题,考试灵感来了做出来了,就做出来了,如果只想靠守正出奇,最好的结果不过是得2分额外得分数罢了,而该得的20分却被扣除了。所以,作者总结到做事把握常态的三个原则:一、无限长的时间里,变是常态,不变是非常态。二、往前走是常态,回头看是非常态。三、实力派获胜是常态,机会主义者获胜是非常态。

How to Talk To A Hiring Manager

The things a hiring manager is looking for: 1. Confirm Interest 2. Match Core Skills 3. Assess Culture Fit   “Fit” is the most important hidden criteria “It’s not about how similar you are to your interviewer. Fit is about having a unique perspective that enhances the team while also proving you’ll get along with … Continue reading How to Talk To A Hiring Manager

Solve System Design Interview In Steps

system design interview is a happy show-off of our knowledge on technologies and their trade offs. Ideally, keep talking what the interviewer expect throughout the interview, before they even have to ask.   7 Steps for system design interview: Step 1: Requirements clarifications Step 2: System interface definition Step 3: Back-of-the-envelope estimation Step 4: Defining … Continue reading Solve System Design Interview In Steps

How I Got 8.5 job Offers As A Software Engineer In 6 Months 

Early this year, I gave myself a try and interviewed a lot of companies. In the end I got 8 offers including Twitch(Amazon), Aerohive, Rally Heath, Postmates, Zendesk, VMware, WeWork, Uber. I passed the LinkedIn hiring committee review and was in the team match pool but chose to pause the team match so I counted … Continue reading How I Got 8.5 job Offers As A Software Engineer In 6 Months 

Service Mesh and Istio Study notes

Microservice 2.0 : Service Mesh From Monolithic to Microservice: challenges brought up: service discovery, load balance, fault tolerance, dynamic routing, etc. We use client library to build those extra functionalities but difference languages have different solutions, lack of commonalities. Solution: Service Mesh WHAT IS A SERVICE MESH?   Link A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure … Continue reading Service Mesh and Istio Study notes

Design Web Crawler

Reference:   Requirements: Scalability: Our service needs to be scalable such that it can crawl the entire Web and can be used to fetch hundreds of millions of Web documents. Extensibility: Our service should be designed in a modular way with the expectation that new functionality will be added to it. There could be … Continue reading Design Web Crawler

Designing Instagram (Photo Sharing)

Reference: Grokking the System Design Interview   Let's design a photo-sharing service like Instagram, where users can upload photos to share them with other users. Functional Requirements Users should be able to upload/download/view photos. Users can perform searches based on photo/video titles. Users can follow other users. The system should be able to generate … Continue reading Designing Instagram (Photo Sharing)